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About us

Eagle's story

The Eagle is strong. The Eagle is tough. Brutal.
With a great view. An eye for premium quality.
The Eagle loves to travel. Explore. Different countries. Different cities.
The Eagle is independent. A true Urban Nomad.
Wherever The Eagle alights. It relies on it’s;
Genuine leather belts

Eagle’s vision

To explore and enrich the world of leather goods to be of added value for those who are curious.

Eagle's genuine leather belts

The belts from Eagle Agencies are characterized by a combination of strong materials, natural structures and a raw edge. The result? A solid belt collection, specially selected for independent men who have an eye for detail. Those who are curious, spread their wings and go out into the world: Urban Nomads.

Sterk Strong
Stoer Sturdy
Robuust Robust
Tijdloos Timeless